Niall Walsh

Student / Software Dev. Intern

My name is Niall Walsh (niallww41, deniall).

I am currently in my third year of university, persuing a BSc. in Computational Problem Solving and Software Development in Dublin City University, Ireland.

I travelled to Vancouver this summer for a working holiday with some friends, and whilst roaming and adventuring around beautiful British Columbia, I was actively searching for an internship to complete my third year in Uni.

Days before I planned on booking my flight home, I landed one (due to my now-coworker who I met through a reddit post months previously). I've since been working as a Software and Sales Engineer Intern for Blue Willow Systems, a startup SaaS platform for senior resident care.

I'll be living and working here in Vancouver until August next year; I then plan on doing a good ol' backpacking adventure around Canada for a month, before returning to Ireland to finish my fourth and final year, and graduate.
Then, sure who knows..

Work Experience

  • Software and Sales Engineer Intern
    August 2017 to present

    Blue Willow Systems, Vancouver, Canada

    Software development tasks including algorithm design/testing on embedded devices, machine learning excercises, backend development, hybrid mobile app development, and frontend web development.
    Sales engineering tasks including an on-site deployment, meeting with customers, and rolling out new releases for the mobile and web apps.

  • Student Mentor
    January 2016 to February 2016

    Dublin City University, Dublin

    Tutored and helped 4th year secondary school students to make Android apps using MIT’s new technology, AppInventor. Learned about Android development and Java.

  • Java Developer Intern
    June 2014 to August 2014

    Eureka Software, Wexford

    Worked with the app development team to roll out their new product, MoveIT. Wrote a Java API for the app to communicate with using Java Servlets. Wrote the Gradle build script to build the project, and got experience in Android development, Java, Maven, Gradle, and the IntelliJ IDE.

  • Tech Repair Intern
    September 2013 to November 2013, Wexford, Ireland

    Helped the engineers with any tasks they had to do. Learned how to fix various issues in laptops and phones, replace laptop and phone screens, and gained hands on experiences in replacing and repairing laptop hardware.


  • Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

    BSc. in Computational Problem Solving & Software Development (CPSSD)

    A 4-year degree for people with exceptional prior programming experience: read more about it here. Over the last 2 years I have completed projects and assignments using Java, Python, C++, Prolog, MASM x86, C# and R. I have achieved a combined 3.0 GPA over my first two years, with A grades in Networks and Internet and B grades in Data Structures and Algorithms, and 30 credit practicum modules involving year-long group Agile software development projects.
    My third year is an INTRA module, requiring us to find a 12 month long internship placement in a software development position. I am currently completing this at Blue Willow Systems in Vancouver, Canada.

  • St. Peters College, Wexford, Ireland

    Leaving Certificate

    While studying at St. Peter’s College in Wexford, I achieved 465 points in the Leaving Certificate, obtaining an A1 in maths in order to qualify for the CPSSD course, putting me in the top 5% of maths Leaving Cert students.


Mobile Number

+1 778 751 0348

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